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  FloraMicro - General Hydroponics Flora Series
FloraMicro - General Hydroponics Flora Series  
FloraMicro - General Hydroponics Flora Series

FloraGro®, FloraBloom® and FloraMicro® comprise General Hydroponics' nutrient flagship, the Flora Series. Recognized world-wide as the most advanced hydroponic nutrient line ever developed, the Flora Series is used by NASA, Argonne National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory and has been specified for research using hydroponics by Laboratories, Universities, Government Agencies, and Scientists throughout the world. The Flora series is the result of the collective contributions of many famous scientists in the fields of hydroponics, agriculture and chemistry.

The concept behind the Flora-series remains unchanged. A combination of three products enable the grower to mix a huge range of different nutrient solutions to satisfy the needs of practically any type of plant, and each different stage in its life cycle by varying the combinations and overall strength of the mix. Think of it as changing flavor by mixing different ratios of FloraGro, FloraBloom and FloraMicro; and different nutrient strengths by varying the amount of water with which they are blended. This gives the grower three dimensional control over the nutrient.

About General Hydroponics
It's the mid 1970's. A war has ended, moonshots are old news and gas prices are rising. The tone of the times, still dazed by the 1960's, have some wondering how advances in technology can be integrated with our planet Earth. One group of scientists, engineers and technicians come together with a common goal: to advance agricultural techniques by a leap, exploring the beneficial possibilities blown wide open by technology. Today, over twenty years later, General Hydroponics finds itself the leading innovator in the hydroponics field in both North America and Europe. Numerous laboratories and universities use their products. Even NASA uses the Flora Series for research

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Category: pH and Nutrient-Natural Nutrients
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